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Advanced Malware Analysis - Practical Training with Threat Intelligence & Exploit Kits

The threat of malware is everywhere. Individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments are being targeted. The motivation of these threats has evolved from simple nuisance to information theft and espionage. The covers the Advanced Malware Analysis with Practical Training & Exploit Kits.

Malware threatens national security. The theft of military secrets, defense and military strategy, and plans for new weapons can give adversaries an advantage. Compromised weapon control systems might have catastrophic consequences.

Malware analysis requires, aside from understanding the concepts of malware and the different tools available, a lot of patience and perseverance.

The Malware analysis is the process of extracting information from malware through static and dynamic inspection by using different tools, techniques, and processes.

The techniques and processes needed to successfully gather data from malware differ depending on the malware’s capability; they adapt to the changing malware landscape.

It is more about the mastery of different tools, techniques, and processes to extract as much information from malware without disassembling or decompiling it and to make malware function in a controlled environment.

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  • 01.Course Overview
  • 0101.Course Overview
  • 02.Introduction
  • 0201.Introduction to Malware
  • 0202.Demo Analyzing a Bromium Alert
  • 0203.Security Tool Follow-up
  • 0204.First Malware Analysis Lab
  • 03.Recognizing the Exploit Vector
  • 0301.Recognizing the Exploit Vector Intro
  • 0302.How to Find the Exploit in a Malware Attack
  • 0303.Exploit Finding Demo
  • 0304.Exploit Finding Lab 1
  • 04.Unraveling Exploit Obfuscation
  • 0401.Intro and Why to Script
  • 0402.Continued Deobfuscation
  • 0403.Deobfuscation Demo
  • 0404.Deobfuscation Lab 1
  • 05.Circumventing Exploit Kit Encryption
  • 0501.Module Overview and Homework Review
  • 0502.Exploit Kit Details
  • 0503.Deobfuscation 2
  • 0504.Deobfuscation Lab 2
  • 06.Understanding Moving Target Communications
  • 0601.Module Goals and Assignment Review
  • 0602.DGAs and More
  • 0603.Non-DGA EKs
  • 0604.Begining EK Detection Lab
  • 07.Detecting Angler in the Wild
  • 0701.How to Find More Samples
  • 0702.Malware Detection
  • 0703.YARA
  • 0704.YARA Examples and Lab
  • 08.Performing Safe Dynamic Analysis
  • 0801.Malware Analysis Goals
  • 0802.Another Sample
  • 0803.Dynamic Analysis Walk-through sample
  • 0804.Sandbox Assignment
  • 09.Analyzing Files Statically
  • 0901.File Analysis Tools and Techniques
  • 0902.Demo How to Use the tools
  • 0903.More Tool Details
  • 0904.Assignment Run and Report
  • 10.Reversing Malware with Debugging Tools
  • 1001.Static or Dynamic Analysis
  • 1002.Demo Extract Malware with IDA Debugger sample
  • 1003.More on how to Choose an Approach
  • 1004.Debug Details and Assignment
  • 11.Reversing Malware with IDA pro
  • 1101.Demo and Lesson Plan
  • 1102.Reversing Demo sample
  • 1103.Goals and Cyclic Recap
  • 1104.Reversing Details and Assignment
  • 12.Customizing Reports From Researchers to CISOs
  • 1201.Intro and Recap
  • 1202.How to Report Treat Data
  • 1203.Summary and Assignment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed