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Network Hacking

IT Security Gumbo: Penetration Testing Series: The Basics Part 1

The comprehensive Penetration Testing Series that takes you from the basics of penetration testing and ethical hacking and builds you into a knowledgeable and effective penetration tester.

The course is broken down into multiple courses, in this initial course we focus on the foundation of ethical hacking and penetration testing.

IT Security Gumbo: Penetration Testing Series: The Basics, covers the following:

The purpose of ethical hacking, defines the ethical hacker, and describes how to get started performing security

You'll learn how to gain information from a target using both passive and active methods

How to manipulate human beings in order to gain sensitive information

A look at various components that make up a system and how they are affected by security

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  • Introduction-The Basics.mp4
  • Course Objectives.mp4
  • Section 1 Overview
  • Section 2 Overview
  • Section 3 Overview
  • Understanding Ethical Hacker Terminology
  • Identifying Different Types of Hacking Technologies
  • Different Hacker Classes
  • What Do Hackers Do
  • What Do Hackers Do Part 2
  • Become an Ethical Hacker
  • Vulnerability Research
  • Vulnerability Research Part 2
  • Legal Implications of Hacking
  • Capture The Flag Walkthrough-Basic PenTesting
  • Section 1 Wrap-Up
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever