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Wireless Penetration Testing Course From Scratch

In Wi-Fi hacking with kali you will learn hack and protect various Wi-Fi security system like WEP,WPA and WPA2.

In this course we will see History of Wi-Fi and it's vulnerability,setting up environment for penetration testing 4 different ways to install and use kali linux (all 4 in detail), basic linux commands, special command related to hacking, hacking WEP protected Wi-Fi and its counter measure, WPA and WPA 2 hacking with reaver  and it's counter measure, hacking with WPA with dictionary,  hacking router admin panel with hydra, hacking Wifi password with keylogger, removing device from you Wi-Fi ,changing MAC address, changing transmit power and many more, course is updated on daily basis with new videos. 

It will take maximum 2 hours to watch, But to practice activity you need at least 5 days (if you spend daily 1 hour on it).

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  • Promo sample
  • Introduction sample
  • Kali Linux Latest Version
  • Make Kali Linux Bootable
  • Disclaimer
  • Basics
  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Dual boot Kali Linux with Windows
  • Live Boot of Kali Linux
  • Setting up Kali Linux in virtual box
  • History of Wi-Fi and its vulnerbility
  • Setting up environment for penetration testing
  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Special command related to hacking
  • Advanced
  • Gatting a Handshake and Data Capture
  • WEP hacking
  • Reaver(WPA)
  • WPA2 Password Crack - Gerix Wifi Cracker
  • Cracking WPAWPA2 with hashcat
  • Counter measure for reaver
  • Built-in Kali word list rockyou.txt
  • Using Aircrack and a Dictionary to crack a WPA Data Capture
  • Using Hydra to gaining access to admin login of a router
  • key logger Wi-Fi
  • Keylogger Wi-Fi counter measure
  • Bypassing Mac address filtering
  • Increasing wireless transmit power
  • Remove Device from Wi - Fi
  • WiFi Jammer using Websploit
  • WiFijammer
  • WiFi password hack using WiFi phisher
  • Man-In-The-Middle Attack (driftnet) using Hakku Framework tool
  • wifi password crack using FLUXION
  • Wifi Hacking With Kali Last lecturer
  • Breaking a WPS PIN to Get the Password with Bully
  • Cracking Wifi WPAWPA2 passwords using pyrit cowpatty
  • Hostapd-wpe
  • Kick all users off your network except you
  • QUIZ
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed