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Network Hacking

Social Engineering Attacks with Kali Linux

In this course mainly you will learn to hack windows, android and Linux powered devices easily using social engineering tool kit. Even beginners can do it, Instructor has specifically designed it for them.

In this course, Instructor will not just discuss how to hack over LAN, but also over wan so that you can hack any device which is connected to the Internet.

Social engineering attacks happen in one or more steps. What makes social engineering especially dangerous is that it relies on human error, rather than vulnerabilities in software and operating systems.

Social engineering attacks come in many different forms and can be performed anywhere where human interaction is involved.

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  • Information Gathering,website cloning,and Mass Mailer Attacks
  • Disclaimer
  • Basic linux Commands
  • Kali Linux Latest Version
  • Gather Email Info - Maltego tool sample
  • Discovering Domain info Emails associated with Target
  • Gathering a Information about a Person
  • Email Spoofing
  • Website cloning- Social Engineering Tool
  • Web Jacking Attack
  • Mass Mailer Attack - Social Engineering part 1
  • Mass Mailer Attack - Social Engineering part 2
  • Evil Files - Generating a Backdoor
  • HTA Attack Method on HTTPS - Social Engineering part 1
  • HTA Attack Method on HTTP - Social Engineering part 2
  • Making a malicious USB - Social Engineering toolkit
  • Create a Payload and Listener -Social Engineering Toolkit
  • Windows Reverse_TCP VNC DLL - Social Engineering
  • Windows Shell Reverse_TCP - Social Engineering
  • Powershell Shellcode Injector - Social Engineering
  • Installation of Veil Evasion
  • Create Backdoor in windows - Veil Evasion
  • Veil-Evasion BYPASS Anti Virus with Encrypted Payload
  • Installing Powershell Empire
  • Create Backdoor Undetected by All anti- Virus - Empire
  • Using Bashcode Linux Hacking- Empire
  • Automatically Execute Commands when reverse Shell Executed
  • Installing FatRat
  • Generating Backdoor for Linux - FatRat
  • Hack Android with FatRat
  • Backdooring to Original apk - FatRat
  • Generate Keyloggers
  • Hack Saved Passowrds in any Computer - LaZagn
  • USB Password stealing drive
  • Getting All saved Passwords of Linux
  • Stealing Passwords From Linux Remote Machine - LaZagne
  • Exploitation
  • BeEF Overview and Basic Hook Method
  • Hacking Windows Using A Fake Update - BeEF
  • Hacking Linux Using Fake Update -BeEF
  • Windows Backdoor Create - msfvenom
  • Android Backdoor Create - Msfvenom
  • Hiding payload behind an image - msfvenom
  • Hack Over Wan
  • Hack Android Phone Outside LAN
  • Hack over WAN - social Engineering
  • How to be Safe
  • How to Protect Againts BeEF Framework
  • How to Detect SpoofEmails
  • How to Detect Torjan By Sandbox
  • How to Detect Torjan Manually
  • QUIZ
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed