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Introduction to Python and How to Create Tools

This course has 2 advantages 'first you will be capable to learn python and also you will be able to create your own hacking tools using python, this is complete basics course, you can enroll even if you know nothing about python.

Trying particular injection manually everywhere is very much difficult, you need one kind of software but you get nowhere such software to do such injection the way you want it, by creating your python script you can save a lot of your time.

The instructor has included password hacking, web hacking, Wireless hacking and many more.

The instructor has explained the basics in brief and it's very easy to follow, you will get to download all the scripts used in this course and the instructor is available for support.

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  • Introduction
  • Kali Linux Latest Version
  • Disclaimer
  • Installing Python for Windows
  • Install PyCharm (Python IDE) on Windows 7 and onwards
  • Installing Python on Kali Linux
  • First Python Program sample
  • How to embed Python code in C Program
  • Python program used in course
  • Basics of Python
  • Global and Local Variables
  • Data Types and Type Conversion
  • Identifiers
  • Python Operators
  • Date and Time
  • Pandas Basics
  • Tuple
  • Tuple
  • Tuple Methods and Operations
  • Dictionary
  • Python Directory and Files Management
  • List
  • Lists
  • Python Exceptions
  • Catching Specific Exceptions in Python Raising Exceptions and finally Statements
  • Exceptions and Catching Exceptions in Python
  • Python Errors and Built - in Exceptions
  • Python Custom Exceptions
  • Inheritance
  • Multi - Level Inheritance
  • Python Multiple Inheritance
  • Loops and Decision Making
  • Loop Control Statements
  • Python Decision Making
  • Class and Object
  • Python Class
  • Creating an object in Python
  • Functions
  • Constructors in Python
  • Method Overridding and Method Overloading
  • Modules
  • Python Modules
  • Python Information Gathering
  • FTP Banner Grabber Python
  • Network Scanning with Python
  • Socket Port Scanning
  • Nmap Integration
  • Password Hacking with Python
  • Generate Random Passwords
  • Wifi Password Recovery
  • Wordlist Generator
  • Qr Code Generator Python Script
  • Brute-force ZIP File Password cracker
  • ftpbruteforce
  • Encoding and Decoding with Python
  • Encoding and Decoding Base64 using python script Part 1
  • Encoding and Decoding Base64 using python script Part 2
  • Encryption of text using Transposition
  • Python Web Hacking
  • Web Hacking Basic python
  • Web HomePage Cloning
  • Scrapy in python
  • SQL Injection Using Python
  • SQL injection basic
  • SQL Injection Bypass
  • SQL Injection Scanner
  • Python DOS Attack
  • Dos Attack Overview
  • UDP Flooding script DOS Attack
  • Socket DOS Attack
  • Anonymous Python Hacking
  • Anonymouse Mail Sending By python
  • FTP Anonymous
  • Data Sniffing/Spoofing using Python
  • Packet Sniffing in Windows and Linux Using Python
  • Generate Random MAC Address for spoofing
  • IP address Spoofing
  • Extracting MAC address using Python
  • TCP Client
  • Wireless Hacking and Pentesting
  • Introduction to python-wifi 0.6.1
  • setup_monitormode
  • Search Nearest WiFi AP using python your own script
  • Python Exploitation
  • Python Creating backdoor using msfvenom
  • Multi_handler Listener with metasploit
  • Python Miscellaneous Hacking
  • Convert any python file to executable file
  • How to Send an Email With Python
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever