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Network Hacking

IT Security Gumbo: Vulnerability Management Analysis (DVITVulnerability)

The IT Security Gumbo: Vulnerability Management Analysis, gives the students the insider of the Vulnerability Management Experience Program. The student will learn uncovered techniques in remediation and mitigation process of vulnerabilities. The students will learn to uncover threats and exploits instantly in cloud-based and non-cloud based environments. The students will also learn how to accept or deny risk based on critically and also will be equipped with the knowledge of interpreting this information to technical and non-technical professionals.  The Vulnerability Management Experience: The Prequel is recognized as a CEU based course.  This course is a great foundation to begin or continue to grow in your IT Security and/or Penetration Testing career.

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  • The Security Test Phase
  • 1 Types of Vulnerabilities.mp4 sample
  • 2 Remediation.mp4
  • 3 Mitigation.mp4
  • 4 Discovery.mp4
  • 5 Security Testing.mp4
  • 6 Security Test Part 2.mp4
  • 7 Security Testing Approach.mp4
  • 8 Reports.mp4
  • 9 Priorities.mp4
  • Network Vulnerabilities
  • 10-TCP-IP-Vulnerabilities-89dB _1_.mp4
  • 11-ICMP-Vulnerabilities-89dB _2_.mp4
  • 12-UDP-Vulnerabilities-89dB _3_.mp4
  • 13-Wireshark Translation-89dB _4_.mp4
  • Vulnerability Analyzing
  • 14-Cryptography.mp4
  • 15-Security Data Analysis.mp4
  • 16-Wireshark.mp4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever