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IT Security Gumbo: Cloud Based Security with Linux (DVITCloudLinux)

This course provides the basics of Linux and introduces cloud security in a rare blend that allows the student to learn both subject matters in one instance. Linux is becoming more of the go-to command based function even in the cloud-based environment. The course is applicable to all levels, whether you are new to Linux and cloud security or if you are a seasoned veteran that's looking re-familiarize yourself with technical techniques and concepts. 

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  • Understanding Linux
  • History of Linux.mp4
  • Interacting with Linux.mp4 sample
  • Linux Architecture.mp4
  • Linux Command Shell Concepts.mp4
  • Root and Sudo.mp4
  • Shutting down the System.mp4
  • System Initialization.mp4
  • Cloud Security Overview
  • Cloud Essential Characteristics.mp4
  • Cloud Service Models.mp4
  • Cloud Deployment Models.mp4
  • Cloud Benefits.mp4
  • Cloud Risk-Concerns.mp4
  • Cloud Risk-Concerns Part 2.mp4
  • Cloud Risk-Concerns Part 3.mp4
  • Cloud Assurance.mp4
  • CSA-The Notorious Nine.mp4
  • CSA-The Notorious Nine Part 2.mp4
  • CSA- The Notorious Nine Part 3.mp4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever