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IT Security Gumbo: Linux Forensics (DVITLinux)

Bring greater efficiency to your IT
infrastructure by learning to employ the standardized and finely tuned
processes of the Linux operating system in your enterprise environment.
In this training course, you gain the foundational knowledge and skills
to administer and support your Linux OS, and learn to control
permissions, process data, and perform administrative tasks.

Administer and support Linux in your environment

Manage and automate GNU open-source tools

Create, edit, and search files and directories

Connect to network services

Run shell scripts for automation

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  • Introduction
  • Intro Linux Forensics sample
  • Linux As An Architecture
  • History of Linux.mp4
  • Linux Architecture.mp4
  • Linux File System Overview.mp4
  • Basic File System.mp4
  • File Permissions and Overview.mp4
  • Editing File Properties.mp4
  • Forensically Reviewing Linux
  • Root and Sudo.mp4
  • Disk and File Systems.mp4
  • System Initialization.mp4
  • Interacting with Linux.mp4
  • Linux Command Shell Concepts.mp4
  • Piping Command Output.mp4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever